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J.A. Burton graduated from Methodist University as an English major. She lives in Colorado and is a lover of animals and travel. Firstborn: A Novel of Leonardo da Vinci is her first novel.

The story is a culmination of fondness for and study of art history, amore for Italy, learning the Italian language, and fangirl research. If any place can be magical, Florence holds an undeniable allure. The city has amazing light (yes, the light in this place is incredible), is an art lover's dream, and possesses an intoxicating mix of past and present--all things that would have influenced Leonardo's life and work in his own time.

Leonardo is an endlessly fascinating and complicated character. Inspiration for this story came from the most likely of places: one of Leonardo's drawings.



Firstborn: A Novel of Leonardo da Vinci

A story of love lost and found, the bonds of friendship, and the burden of secrets...

2019 Kindle Book Review Finalist!

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